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Ain't War No More -   Harold J. Sala

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Ain't War No More 
Harold J. Sala

"It's a true story," says James Hewett. A certain couple grew increasingly alarmed by the threat of nuclear war and so decided that they would move to the safest place on earth. But where was that? They studied, they inquired, they looked at the map, and they considered a variety of options and possibilities. They wanted ultimate security in a small out-of-the-way 
place where the super-powers were least likely to disturb their tranquility. They found it too (so they thought) and moved there. Christmas cards that year were post-marked the Falkland Islands. Most of the folks who got the cards said, "Where?" but within weeks, they were no longer asking the question because the Falkland Islands were on the front page of every major paper in the world as the peaceful islands were turned into a battle ground between Great Britain and Argentina.

In your Old Testament you will find 12 short books, often referred to as minor prophets - not because they are unimportant - but because they are not as long as, say, Isaiah's or Jeremiah's writings. One of them was penned by a man by the name of Micah, who lived about 70 years starting in 740 B.C.  A contemporary of Isaiah, Micah knew that the world was shaky. Assyria in the north was ruthless, domineering, and vicious. History reminds us that Lenin, Hitler, and Stalin were all disciples of Assyrian military policy. It was the Assyrians who first used crucifixion as a method of execution, terrifying their enemies into submission.

Micah lived in Judah, the southern kingdom, when Sennacherib, the Assyrian king, laid siege to Israel, the ten northern tribes. His world was in chaos. Armies were on the march, and homes and families were being torn apart by conflict. Understanding the times in which he wrote reminds us of  the perils of living in a nuclear age when madmen have the capability of creating catastrophes of global proportions.

During this time, however, Micah gave to us a great promise of lasting peace. Here's how he put it: And he shall judge among many people, and rebuke strong nations afar off; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks, nation shall not lift up a sword again nation, neither shall they learn war any more (Mica  4:3). Micah never lived to see this, and frankly when you look back in history, that time has never come - which means Micah's promise is yet in the future. God's timetable is different from ours, and though centuries may span the gap between the promise and the fulfillment, when God says something, you can count on it as a sure reality.

There will come a time when God says, "Enough!" and He will again send His Son to rule and reign in our world, and that's when He will judge the nations, and men will beat their swords into plowshares, their spears into pruning hooks.

The words of an old spiritual go, "I ain't gonna study war no more,/ Ain't gonna study war no more,/ Ain't gonna study war no more." For centuries men and women have talked about laying down the sword and shield by the riverside and putting on a robe of white before you cross the river to peace.

No, that's not a pipe-dream, an empty, meaningless hope. It is the certainty that God is in control, no matter what has happened or will happen, and that sometime the King of kings and Lord of lords will rule and reign with justice and equality. Until then, may His peace fill your heart and may you walk with the assurance that someday Micah's prophecy will become a reality. May God hasten the day.  Resource reading: Micah 4

Copyright 2003 by Guidelines Inc. Reprinted by permission
Dr. Harold Sala is heard weekday afternoons at 5 on WCIF with Guidelines.

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Music Thru the Night
Mike Kellogg

The Bible says in Romans 12 that we belong to each other, that we have talents that God has specifically given to each of us for each other, and we need each other.  Of course He is talking about the local church. We are members one of another. We each do have gifts that God has given us to support the rest of the body in the work that He's called us to do, and when any one of the members doesn't get around to the work, the other's hurt. The local church is where God set His sights to do ministry. He works through pretty ordinary people to do extraordinary things for Him. The church is a family. I personally believe that Christian  Broadcasting is an extension of that family church. We are here to support it.  I like to believe that somewhere a pastor doesn't have to answer his phone at 2 o'clock in the morning, because a member of his congregation whose heart aches, is being comforted by a ministry that keeps pointing to God's faithfulness and care.  Somewhere... someone who has never been confronted with the truth of the Gospel, hears it for the first time, realizes he is a sinner, recognizes his need for a Savior, and agrees that only Jesus can, indeed, satisfy the longings of His heart.  Music Thru the Night is just one friend talking to another friend.  No strangers here.  The door is always open.  The Spirit is warm, welcoming and eager to bring us -- each one-- into the presence of the Crucified, Resurrected and Coming-Again Son of God, Jesus Christ. 

Mike Kellogg

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West Melbourne - Sure do miss volunteering, hope you are all well. May God continue to bless you and WCIF. Thanks for all you do for the people in the area. P.S. Thanks for all the blessings I get from listening.

Indian Harbor Beach - Thanks for the great station. I listen in the morning between 5:30 to 7:30 am. I like Scott, he is really very funny and I love humor. My request is to have Ravi Zacharias back on in the mornings. Thank you for your service.

Palm Bay - Thank you for your great station. I listen each day.

St. Cloud - Thank you for the wonderful Christian radio station you produce. I notice a lot of letter writers mention the music. That is what drew me to be a regular listener also, the peace and inspiration your choice of music gives. Thank you too for the scriptures you insert. They mean a lot to me. I enjoy Scott's Bible quizzes too.

Viera - I listen to WCIF every weekday during my commute from Viera to Orlando. Thank you for your ministry. Hearing the Word and listening to praise music not only makes my drive time more enjoyable, but it all helps me to grow in knowledge about our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Palm Bay- To all the wonderful people at WCIF God bless all of you. Your radio station is a blessing to me each time I listen to your programs. Keep up the good work. I pray that God will continue His work through your radio station.

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Programs: Looking Ahead

Key Life (Weekdays 6:15 a.m.)
Steve Brown
The focus during July is Grace: Living Free.
Friday broadcasts are question and answer programs.

Insight For Living (Weekdays 8:30 a.m. & 7:30 p.m.) 
Chuck Swindoll 
The Series: Paul: A Man of Grace and Grit continues throughout the month of July.
July 4, 7 & 8 - Responding as Paul Responded
July 9 - 11 - Thinking as Paul Thought
July 14 - 16 - Dealing with Critics as Paul Did
July 17, 18 & 21 - Standing Tall as Paul Stood
July 22 - 24 - How to Handle a Shipwreck
July 25, 28 & 29 - Arrested, Confined, but Still Effective
July 30 & 31 - Shackled, Deserted, but Still Effective

The weekend broadcast is aired at 8 pm on Saturday and focuses on Genesis 41 & 42.
July 5 - Remembered and Promoted
July 12 & 19 - Reaping the Rewards of Righteousness
July 26 - Activating a Seared Conscience

Grace To You (Weekdays 11:00 a.m.)
John MacArthur
July 1 - 11 features the series The Rapture and the Day of the Lord. Subjects include The Day of the Lord, Night People/Day People and Jesus is Coming.
 July 14 - 17 - The Series: What About Abortion? 
July 18 - 25 - What Happens to Babies Who Die?
July 28 - 31 - Heaven is the topic for focusing on: What we will be like in Heaven and How we will relate to One another in Heaven.

In Touch (Weekdays 2:00 & 9:30 p.m.)
Charles Stanley
July 7 & 8 - Conviction or Condemnation
July 9 & 10 - Our Convictions - Our Defense
July 14 - 23 features the series When God Speaks
July 14 & 15 - The God Who Speaks
July 16 & 17 - God's Goal in Speaking
July 18 & 21 - Failing to Listen to God
July 22 & 23 - Recognizing the Voice of God
July 24 & 25 - Biblical Fasting
July 28 & 29 - A Time For Courage
July 30 & 31 - The Power of The Holy Spirit in the Life of The Believer

Back to the Bible (Weekdays, 8:00 p.m.) 
Woodrow Kroll
June 30 & July 1 - Wisdom from the Psalms 
July 2 - 4 - Secrets to Happy, Effective Service 
July 7 - 11 - If You Fall, Don't Stay Down
July 14 - 18 - What is Forgiveness and How Can I Get It?
July 21 & 22 - Why Jesus Died for You
July 23 - 25 - Helping a Friend Overcome the Death of a Loved One 
July 28 - 31 - Postcards from Paul's Mediterranean Cruise (part 1 of 2)

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Each   month  we  list our broadcasters  that have birthdays  that  month. 
We encourage  you  to  remember  these friends  and their  in ministry with special prayer on that day.

July 15
Dr. Harold Sala 
Guidelines, Weekdays 5:00 p.m.
Box G
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

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Pastor of the Week

June 30 - July 4 
Pastor Al Jiron
Master's Community Church, Melbourne

July 7 - 11 
Pastor Don Reiter
St. Paul Lutheran Church, Melbourne

July 14 - 18 
Pastor Erick Brookins
Coastal Community Church, Port St. John

July 21 - 25 
Pastor Woody Riggs 
Community Church of God, Melbourne

July 28 - August 1 
Pastor Brad Gill
Crosspointe Church, Palm Bay


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July 2 - Robin and Teri Novelli in thanksgiving to the Lord for their fifteenth wedding anniversary
July 3 - In memory of Maude Calloway on her birthday from her children
July 4 - Anonymous in honor of the Suntree United Methodist Church Bell Choir
July 6 - Micky Bagg in honor of the staff and volunteers of WCIF
July 7 - Harold and Patricia Guiles in memory of their grandson Kevin Guiles
July 8 - Paul and Lorna Nunn in loving memory of their son Steve
July 9 - Indian River Builders
July 14 - Chris and Daniela Fadden in honor of their nineteenth wedding anniversary
July 15 - Jim and Helen Crockett in honor of their granddaughter Lindsay Marie McNeal on her first birthday
July 16 - Irvin and Betty Derrick in honor of their son and daughter-in-law Steve and Sally Derrick on their twentieth wedding anniversary and to celebrate the arrival of Steve and Sally's new daughter Brooke who was born June 24
July 17 - Gene and Gayle Smith in honor of their thirty-third wedding anniversary
July 19 - In honor of Janice Prentice on her birthday
July 23 - Lee and Charlette Kjesbo in memory of his mother Ivadell Kjesbo
July 25 - Paul and Bea Boltz in honor of the day they first met in 1940
July 26 - The Covenah family in memory of Barbara Covenah, a loving wife, mother and grandmother
July 27 - John and Nancy Blake in honor of Krista Blake and Edgar Urbina on this special day as God has guided them to become life long partners through marriage and in praise to God for this precious daughter He has given them
July 29 - Robin and Annette Osborne in honor of their thirty-first wedding anniversary
July 31- Karen Roggenkamp in memory of her mother Elinor Barnhart

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